NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W

NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W

✔ The NVIDIA CMP 170HX is powered by a single 8-pin PCI-E connector to supplement its 250W TDP (mines at 205W average in reality)
✔ The card couples a dual-slot design with an elegant aluminum shroud and features a passive-cooling heatsink solution that requires an external fan.
✔ Easy installation, durable build and stable mining performance in Windows, Linux and hiveOS.
✔ Unleashed and unlocked maximum hashrate for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Callisto, Metaverse & more.
✔ Exclusive Vipera 6 month warranty from date of delivery.

$3,100.00 $5,295.00

NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W

Stock is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. With common multiple unit usage, please proceed with your purchase online for Bulk orders over 10 units by consulting with our live support agents or use pay by invoice. Pre-built plug-and-play mining rigs– the Exeton Phenom N6 CMP or N7 CMP models– can also be purchased. Please fill out an inquiry form or speak to a live chat agent for more information. For Windows drivers, navigate to our Support > Downloads page under Mining GPUs. The card works best in Linux and HiveOS, but can also be used in Windows with the proper drivers installed.

UPDATE 12.16.2021:

Please take note due to extreme demand and 300kg pickup limit set by our international carrier, orders made in December are now being pushed into early January for delivery. We are working diligently to fulfill all orders in proper sequence and do ask for your patience.

UPDATE 11.20.2021:

This card was designed for data center environments (~20 °C) with cool ambient temperatures and proper airflow. They work best in Linux/HiveOS out of the box. Some may have issues installing them in Windows, even with our supplied drivers. The adapter cable that is bundled with the GPU is necessary.

UPDATE 11.04.2021:

For all Russian Federation customers; we can ship only via CDEK through our Dubai location, which extends the delivery time.

UPDATE 10.26.2021:

All buyers must be aware that Nvidia does not hand these over to our warehouse in pre-packaged singles. They are packaged in boxes of 9 and 12 units. Every order less than these quantities must be removed and prepared appropriately before shipping, which increases handling time considerably. Due to significant order volume, expect delays in receiving your tracking numbers. Our personnel is diligently working to send out orders promptly. This– coupled with the current shipping crisis affecting all outbound flight from Hong Kong and other manufacturing hubs for the Holidays– means buyers must expect 14 days or more turnaround times. Vipera is attempting to stabilize pricing so late buyers can have an opportunity and we are in the process of securing more shipments from Nvidia.

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